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Desportivos 201614th - 17th January 2016Register


Desportivos, the largest sports meet of Rajasthan, is an International arena for students from across the country and abroad to showcase their talents and facilitate cross-cultural learning experiences. The fest aims its students to appreciate the unity and diversity that our culture offers and develop a spirit for sports.

Desportivos’16 will span over a period of four days that would see a multitude of academic and technical students remodel into sports fanatics. Enthusiasm and Sportsman Spirit are the key elements that make Desportivos an enthralling experience.


Vector, mascot of the Desportivos’16, is the most visible face of the Desportivos. His name comes from the qualities that a sportsperson must possess i.e. – direction as well as magnitude. Vector is an achiever with a positive attitude and a fierce competitor but with integrity and honesty.

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