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January 2014 Registering


General Secretary Sports

Shivam Sharma : 7597925870
Pragya Jha : 9414027989


Akshat Chopra : 8764325403
Raja Massand : 9610610566
Akshay Agarwal : 9414835341
Nikhil Agarwal : 9530377768

Event Managers

Kanishk Rawat : 9460896705
Nikhil Ranka : 8764038737
Swapnil Arsh : 8764324987

Sponsorship and Marketing Team

Anup Kiran : 9461219923
Anshul Khandelwal : 9414049642
Ayush Ranjan : 7597601689
Dhawal Yash : 9772534339
Harshil Bhargava : 8769564433
Rohit Patwa : 8890376447
Sahil Arora : 7597597920
Sanchita Gupta : 8451042602

Public Relations

Himanshu Sharma : 9530368656
Prachi Chaturvedi : 8764039706
Shivika Pathania : 8764029405

Creative Think Tank

Aakun garg : 8290172592
Kartik Singhal : 9530375881
Nitin Sajwan :9413247964
Nikunj Gupta : 9413801201

Web Support

Abhinaya Agarwal : 9660037372
Ashish Agarwal : 9414040967
Kaustubh Khandelwal : 9461501827
Aayush Kumar : 9772536250

Promotion Team

Parvinder Singh Kalsi : 8290853332
Annanya Johri : 8764059266
Harshit Chaturvedi : 9461201317

Accomodation Team

Abhinash Jha : 9413262482
Ankit Kumar : 9772534327
Kunwar Saurabh : 9929497495




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Rules and Regulations

Format of Play : Best of 3(in the order), Singles, Doubles, Singles.
Each match (singles/doubles) is best of 3 sets of 21 points.
Teams for every game are submitted before the match.
Latest IBF rules will be followed.
Teams of maximum 4 players and minimum 3 players.
Only one [layer can play in two matches (one singles and one doubles)
Decision of referees and Organising Committee shall be final and binding.

Event Coordinators
Govind Jha : 8764029728
Harish Kumar : 8764029621
Ronak Ojha : 9610224437

Rules and Regulations

Max number of players per team - 10
Match will be the normal 4 quarters, each quarter being 10 minutes (unless mentioned otherwise).
Mixtures and schedule for matches will be put up at the time of registration. Timings will be strictly adhered to.
Officials will keep score and their decisions will be taken final.

Event Coordinators
Kapil Rathore : 9783553125
Devashish Mahbubani : 9983989344
Kushal Mishra : 9414971401

Rules and Regulations

Standard carrom rules apply.
Best of five will be considered out of three singles and two doubles matches played between any two teams. An individual can participate in not more than one singles and one double match.
Each team comprises of 4 players only
All the rounds before the finals will be knockout rounds
Any hand may be used in play. Participants can change hand during the game.
In case of any conflict, decisions of the organising committee shall be final and binding.
Maximum three teams(boys) and two team(girls) allowed from each college.

Event Coordinators
Adarsh Jain : 9983606926
Abhishek Kumar : 9587596039
Rules and Regulations

Normal FIFA rules apply.
Offside etc. as per current format
Max. 3 substitutes allowed.
Extra time for the matches shall be notified only before the match.
Refrees decision shall be final.
Maximum no. of players allowed in a team are 15.

Event Coordinators
Parth Sharma : 9462937600
Rishabh Yadav : 7665823170
Saurabh Somani : 9468717294

Rules and Regulations

Maximum 15 players are allowed in a team & Tournament will be played on T-20 format.
Tournament will be played on knock out format.
Tie in the game will be resolved by a super over.
Tie in case of points or wins in finals will be resolved by comparision of net runrates of all the matches played by the team.
Teams should report 15 minutes before the scheduled time otherwise would be forfeited.
All the teams should come in whites
Team has to complete its quota of 1 hour 25 minutes
Decision of Umpires and organising committee shall be final and binding.

Event Coordinators
Gaurav Chawla : 8094691115
Digvijay Singh : 8764062161
Nakul Varshney : 8764029530

Table Tennis
Rules and Regulations

Format of Play : singles(A vs X), singles(B vs Y), singles(C vs Z) then reverse(A vs Y and B vs X).
All games will be best of 5 sets(1 set of 11 points).
Only 4 players are allowed in a team.

Event Coordinators
Deepank : 9462055170
Utkarsh Dixit : 8764029573
Shivam Dixit : 7597597965

Rules and Regulations

Separate matches for Girls and Boys
Minimum number of players per team 9(6 main + 3sub).
3 set each of 25 points.
Maximum 3 touch.
Rotation policy (if both teams agree).
Night matches.

Event Coordinators
Rohit Patwa : 8890376447
Mayank Taparia : 9530345539
Vansh Menghani : 9784690456

Rules and Regulations


No. of player 5 (4+1)
Separate Game for Girls and Boys
Touch and move rule will be followed.
Maximum time for a game will be 3 hours(Classical) and 10 minutes (Blitz).
In case of tied scores, A 10 minutes tie breaker match will be played between three players of both teams. If there is any claim, It should me done after calling the arbiter.
Agreed draw is allowed in the tournament.
Both opponents must press the clock with same hand that move the pieces. If not, you may be penalised 3 minutes, which will be added to opponent's time.
or every illegal move u played may be penalised you by 3 min.


No. of players 4 (3+1)
5min each
Rest all are same as Classical above.

Event Coordinators
Abhishek Mundra : 9530230771
Sachin Mittal : 9460294265
Yash Vardhan : 7597597921

Rules and Regulations

All Events will be conducted as per Latest WKF Rules
Decisions by Referee Panel will be the Final.
All participants should bring their Karate Equipments
No Equipments will be provided by the Institute
Shin Guards and Gum Shields are compulsory for Kumite
1 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze will be awarded for each category


Competition will start at sharp 09:00 am on 25th January
Kumite - 2 min each fight
Kumite (Semi-Finals and Finals) - 4 min each fight

Events & Categories

Senior Kata Male (Age 18+): All Weights in 1 Category
Senior Kata Female (Age 18+): All Weights in 1 Category
Senior Kumite Male (Age 18+): -59Kg, -67Kg, -75Kg, +75Kg.
No separate categories are there for Color and Black Belts

Event Coordinators
Kovid Sawla : 9530384714
Vinod Chaudhary : 9530027018

Lan Gaming
Lan Gaming

  • FIFA 11
  • Dota 2
  • NFS Most Wanted
  • Counter Strike 1.6

Event Coordinators
Siddharth Sharma (Counter Strike) : 9772137016
Utkarsh Arjaria (NFS Most Wanted): 8764029669
Kashish Agarwal (Fifa 11): 9462266112
Ravishu Mittal (Dota 2): 9680988811

Five-a-Side Football
Rules and Regulations

  • 5 players play in a team at a time.
  • Team can have 5-7 member (max. 2 subsitute players).
  • Rolling substitution is allowed and can be done any number of times.
  • Last man plays the goal keeper
  • Goal keeper is not allowed to hand the ball under any circumstance.
  • Penalty is to be taken from mid field and is counted only if ball hits the net in maximum one tip.
  • Goal scored from within the D-area shall not be counted.
  • Referee's decision will be final

Event Coordinators

  • Abhinaya Agrawal :: 9660037372
  • Abhinav Malik :: 9610992861

Rules and Regulations

    Standard squash rules apply.

    Event Coordinators

    • Anubhav Goel :: 9772676239

Fun Events
Fun Events

  • Hand Wrestling
  • Paint Ball
  • Stunt Shows
  • Artificial River Crossing
  • Zorbing
  • Gully Cricket

Event Coordinators

  • Ayush Ranjan :: 7597601689